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The album, HIS STORY EXPLAINED, is an astrological historical musical composition created by a group known as MATR1X - spearheaded by lyricist VERSE the LEGEND and producer SPACE OWL. Brought to you by  Life Support Media Group, this album is indeed one for the Ages.

This is a classic for a few reasons... first off, Lil Nate Dogg paid a tribute to his father (R.I.P. NATE DOGG) and the late great Gerald Levert on Casanova. Then, Verse the Legend makes his own tribute of the godfather of his own camp, the late great Thelonious Monk on Round Midnight. Such legends as Oscar Goodman and Hugh Hefner also make the album. HIS STORY EXPLAINED is truly game being dropped at its finest, destroying your concept of reality while riding on the wings of the Space Owl with every Verse (see album cover).


THE lEGEND Continues...


With Gorillas (Darwinism) starting the album off with Aries, it is indeed a tribute to the God of War, represented by Shaka Zulu Himself (Henry Cele) on the track. Then, from Pablo Escobar (Taurus) to Nelson Mandela (Aquarius), the album is the set up for the last song, LAW of the SWORD (Pisces). This is a perfect collection of music and lyrics to ease one into the Age of Aquarius from the Ages of Pisces. Welcome to the New World ORDER of Music.

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